Based on the research of Julian Day (PhD), home of the Systemic Stairway™

Developing practical capability to manage and facilitate real impact and real change in complex situations

We exist to develop leaders and managers as skilled facilitators equipped with practical collaboration and systems methodologies and tools to create real change and impact in complex business and project situations.

Do extraordinary things with the people you work

Collaboration is too important to be treated merely as an interpersonal skill and self-development. Collaborations have designs, some more productive than others.

We have robust and practical collaboration theory and methodologies for deliberately designing, managing and facilitating intelligent strategic and operational project, performance and change management conversations you require to succeed. 

Accelerate shared learning

Create manageability in complex situations

Secure agreement on key priorities

Collaborate intelligently to get things done

Collaboration methodologies and courses

 Learn the theory, methodologies, practices and tools that underpin the Design, Management and Facilitation of deliberate collaboration in strategic and operational conversations. Boost the shared learning and agreement you require to create manageability and success in your organisational projects, performance and change management initiatives, no matter how complex.


Systemic Collaboration

Theory & frameworks
Gain a deep understanding of the theory underlying collaboration and conversation design, and the Systemic Stairway™. Systemic Collaboration is a practical methodology that enables you to diagnose dysfunctional conversation networks, design productive conversations and facilitate intelligent collaboration.



Method & tools
The cornerstone methodology. The Systemic Stairway™ is a practical, reusable collaboration design that can be used by managers and leaders to boost collective intelligence and identify and agree on key priorities in team problem-solving and decision-making processes in a wide variety of strategic and operational situations. The Systemic Stairway™ has been taught to and is used by thousands. 


Advanced Course

Execute & implement
Deepen and enrich practical facilitation skills necessary for implementing and executing productive collaboration across a wide range of complex team, project and organisational challenges. This is an advanced facilitator course that can only be completed once you have done our Manage Collaboration course. 

Systems thinking & conversation design principles

Robust methodologies and practical tools and techniques

A new language and
vocabulary for creating manageability and change

What we do

Training, Projects and Programmes

1. Learn (training)

Learn one or both of our collaboration courses: Systemic Stairway™ and Systemic Collaboration. We offer a variety of training options, online course, virtual or in-person to suit your learning and training requirements.

2. Embed (projects)

Learning is never enough. Ensure ROI by embedding the collaboration methodologies and skills in your team through our action learning projects contextualised to management level and organisational needs.

3. Master

We now offer an advanced Systemic Stairway™ Facilitator course to help you take your professional development to the next level and master facilitation skills to implement collaboration in any complex situation.

Facilitation and Consulting Workshops

We design and facilitate the productive collaborative conversations you need to create manageability in the strategic and operational projects, performance and change initiatives essential to your success and growth. We accelerate shared learning and agreement you need to drive effective strategy, decision-making and execution. We help you boost organisational effectiveness.


Project Management

Change Management

Performance Management

Management Consulting

Root Cause Analysis

Systems Implementation

Problem-solving and Sense-making


Julian Day

Founder & creator

Julian Day started to experiment with new ways to address the IT implementation problem after having worked in the industry for 20 years as a software developer, systems analyst and project manager. Julian’s research culminated in a PhD entitled “The Design of Collaborative Projects”. Julian developed practical methodologies (the Systemic Stairway™ being a cornerstone) for enabling diverse people to collaborate intelligently in all types of complex situations. Julian has used his methodologies as a facilitator to help many top organisations manage their complex situations and implement their projects successfully. He teaches at prestigious business schools in Southern Africa and has trained thousands of people who find his methodologies practical and useful. 

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