Developing practical capability to design, manage and facilitate productive collaboration in the messy reality of work and life

Based on the research of Julian Day, PhD.
“The Design of Collaborative Projects”
The Creator of the Systemic Stairway®

I believe

Collaborative projects are the driver of organisational effectiveness.

Facilitation methodologies are necessary to ensure intelligent collaboration.

Mastery in practice requires deep insight into collaboration theory.

Introduction to Deliberate Collaboration

This video introduces Deliberate Collaboration. 

This PDF Download gives a map of my training courses, facilitation service, free masterclasses and self-study offerings.

Learn the methodologies that I have practiced, refined and taught over 30 years

Designing Collaboration

Systemic Collaboration

Whether we are aware of it or not, collaborations have designs, some more productive than others. Systemic Collaboration is a practical methodology that enables you to design and facilitate intelligent collaborations for unique situations, projects or organisational initiatives that you need to manage.

Managing Collaboration


The Systemic Stairway® is reusable collaboration design that I use as a professional facilitator for the bulk of my work. It will enable you to enter messy, unstructured, complex situations and make sense of them rapidly, create executable decisions and secure commitments necessary to “get things done”.

Facilitating Collaboration


This advanced training course will appeal to people who want to offer a facilitation service within their organisations. It emphasises the practicalities of facilitating small and large group collaborations using the Systemic Stairway® methodology and is a pre-requisite for people who want to train the Systemic Stairway®.

Understand collaboration theory

My white paper published by Henley Business School on Deliberate Collaboration offers deep insight into the underlying theory of human collaboration.

Feel free to download the paper or view a 30 minute masterclass

Practical management for anybody who needs to manage anything

This book helps to fill a gap in management development. It provides a practical methodology that enables anybody to manage anything. It offers universal principles and reliable tools and techniques that can be applied to any complex situation that needs to be managed. The Systemic Stairway® will enable you to answer four fundamental questions: 

Learn how to enter a complex, ‘messy’, unstructured situation and rapidly make sense of it using a systemic approach. Quickly identify priorities and where to direct your energy. 

Learn how to generate interesting new ideas that will enable you to rethink your mindset and make executable decisions with massive potential to bring about positive change. 

Learn a reliable approach for project managing change and also learn how to execute strategy through a powerful commitment management process. 

Because management is messy and we learn from experience, good managers need to be quick learners, so an action learning process is built into the methodology to accelerate experiential learning. 

The Systemic Stairway® also provides real-life case studies that may resonate with your own private and work life. And because most complex situations inevitably involve collaborating with other people, you will understand the role of facilitation and how to help other people to help themselves.

Facilitation Service

Do you need to develop new business strategy?
Do you need to make an important strategic or operational decision?
Do you have an organisational challenge you need to overcome, an issue you need to resolve?
Are you trying to increase your teams collaboration and performance?
Do you need alignment to shared goals, priorities and strategy? 



Change Management


Project Management

Team performance

For any business or team, in any industry, I facilitate 1-2 day sessions (in-person or virtually) enabling you to get things done. Using Systems Thinking approaches I help groups or teams to:

  • Collaboratively agree on their strategic or operational priorities
  • Make high-leverage, executable decisions
  • Drive commitment management to ensure implementation
  • Create real impact and real change

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