Systemic Stairway™ with Dr Julian Day.

Learn how to manage more effective strategic or operational projects and change initiatives that succeed

You will learn the Systemic Stairway® methodology, tools and techniques for facilitating group collaborations, enabling you to manage more effective strategic or operational projects, performance and change initiatives. Build the skills required to take your strategic or operational projects, performance and change initiatives to the next level. Accelerate shared learning, boost collective intelligence, secure agreement on key priorities and decisions, and get things done.








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In this online course, you will learn the Systemic Stairway® methodology. The Systemic Stairway® methodology is a robust and reusable conversation design that incorporates systems thinking approaches that allow you to accelerate shared learning, secure agreement on key priorities and decisions, and get things done collaboratively in group situations. This practical, easy-to-use and reliable methodology will enable you to run collaborative and more productive strategic, operational, project, performance and change workshops. You will develop reliable facilitation skills for enabling groups to collaboratively and rapidly make sense of challenging situations they face, agree on high-impact decisions and secure commitments for execution.   

You will learn our trademarked and robust 7-step collaborative management methodology, tools, and techniques through our educational videos and quizzes. You have an opportunity to hone practical learning by doing two applications in real situations that are important to you. We will provide you with personalised feedback to accelerate your learning and skill development.

Completing this course will help you to:

Who is this course for?

For anyone whose success depends on getting diverse people to work together productively. This course is for people who are disenchanted with current approaches and frameworks for driving collaboration, team performance and organisational success. This course is for those who are looking for practical and robust methodologies, frameworks and tools for deliberately managing and designing effective collaborations that boost collective intelligence for improved problem-solving, decision-making and execution. 

Learning path

Reconnect to the fundamental of management. Learn about the key questions every manager is asking themselves and why managers are managing systems of interconnected variables. understand how these variables influence collaboration in a team or group. Understand how the Systemic Stairway™ methodology connects us back to the fundamentals of management. 

Learn about the concept of high leverage and how this applies to high impact decision-making in team and project situations. Understand how the Systemic Stairway™ is designed to identify priorities and drive high-impact decision-making. 

Learn about what collaboration is and how you can practically facilitate collaboration with any team or group. Learn why agreement is so important in collaboration and how the Systemic Stairway™ methodology is designed to get any team or group to reach agreement. 

Albert Einstein once said: “If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55-minutes thinking about the problem and 5-minutes thinking about solutions.”. In this lesson, you will learn practical systems thinking and collaboration tools and techniques for using multiple perspectives to rapidly make sense of any project or situation, no matter how complex, accelerate shared learning and agreement on driving priorities.  

Fundamentally in team or group projects and situations we are trying to get things done so that we can execute, create change, results and impact. In this lesson you will be introduced to an execution model, the role of commitments in execution and how collaboration enables shared commitments. 

With an understanding of what collaboration fundamentally is. In this lesson, you will learn about what facilitation is and how to facilitate collaboration in any team or group situation or project using the Systemic Stairway™ methodology, tools and techniques. You will learn how to get any team or group of people have shared learning, agree on key priorities, and high impact decisions.  

Pablo Picaso once said: “Common sense is the enemy of creativity.”. If we want to create new strategy, you need new thinking. In this lesson, you will learn the importance of rethinking assumptions in driving creativity in decision-making. You will learn a framework for challenging common sense and rethinking assumptions to provoke a change in thinking, a mind shift, so that decisions can be more creative.  

In this lesson, we dive deeper into execution and how we can get things done collaboratively. You will learn how to make decisions executable and how to manage commitments so that things get done. Without implementation, we will never create results, change or impact. 

In life we never get things all the time, this is the same in management and project execution. We have to embrace this to ensure we can constantly learn so we can do things better next time. In this lesson, we will expand on the execution model and understand the important role feedback and reflection play in action learning; learning from real experiences in action. 

In the final lesson, we pull together everything we have learnt into a full collaborative management model. You will learn a 7-step process you can use to manage any team or project situation collaboratively. 

What people are saying

"Very beneficial, 10/10. I think that this method could be so useful in both work and personal situations. It opened up a new perspective for me on how to view problems. Julian the video facilitator was excellent, I really did enjoy the lessons and found the content very informative and easy to understand. Very well explained in such short videos and also followed each other well. The closing lesson also brought it all together. A lot can be learnt by people who are in leadership positions to not always take the lead but to help people reporting to them find their way themselves with you just assisting. This is definitely one of the courses I think should be kept as part of Allan Gray leadership courses."
Zainab Mowlana
Allan Gray
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