Systemic Collaboration with Dr Julian Day.

Learn how to diagnose, design and facilitate more effective strategic or operational projects and change initiatives with collaboration as a hard skill

This course is aimed at developing collaboration as a hard skill. In this course you will gain a deep understanding of the theory underlying collaboration and the popular and Systemic Stairway methodology. You will learn the Systemic Collaboration methodology and framework and how to design collaborative strategic, operational, project and team workshops that accelerate shared learning, agreement and decision-making that enable you to get things done and succeed.








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Fundamentally our teams and organisations are a system of conversations. Strategy, operations, planning and goal setting, change management, and project management – these are all conversations. The success of your teams and organisation depends on the quality of these conversations, on your ability to collaborate. In this online course, you will learn how to design and facilitate intelligent conversation for productive collaboration. Collaboration is approached and seen as a soft skill that focus primarily on personal mastery and interpersonal skills. While these soft skills are important, it can be limiting and often not sufficient to ensure collaboration. In this course, we provide you a unique perspective and theoretical lens into collaboration as a conversation system. We offer you a deep insight into the theory of collaboration and a practical methodology that gives you a hard skill in collaboration design – Systemic Collaboration. 

You will learn a practical methodology for diagnosing dysfunctional collaborations and designing productive collaborations that accelerates the agreement necessary to manage in challenging situations. To ensure value add, we can embed the learning via a structured action learning application relevant to you and your organisation.

This course is made up of videos lessons and short quizzes to ensure you embed learning. You have an opportunity to hone practical learning by doing an application in real situations that are important to you. We will provide you with personalised feedback to accelerate your learning and skill development.

Completing this course will help you to:

Who is this course for?

For anyone whose success depends on getting diverse people to work together productively. This course is for people who are disenchanted with current approaches and frameworks for collaboration, team performance and organisational success. For those looking for practical and robust methodologies, frameworks and tools for deliberately managing effective collaborations that boost collective intelligence for improved problem-solving, decision-making and execution. Specific audiences that will benefit:

Learning path

Learn about the practical theory that underlies the Systemic Collaboration methodology. You will be introduced to the idea that collaborations in our organisations and projects are conversation networks that can be diagnosed. 

Deepen your understanding of the representation spectrum and why it is so important for facilitating intelligent and productive collaboraton. 

You will be introduced to a notation for conversation design and discover all the things to think about when designing intelligent learning conversations. 

You will learn how to facilitate learning conversations and you will be introduced to a consolidated framework for managing learning conversations. 

Learn about small-world networks and understand how collaboration networks can suddenly become manageable. 

You will learn guidelines for designing cognitive environments that help resolve representation crises. 

You will be introduced to a paradigm shift where we begin to understand collaboration as a system of interconnected conversations. 

Deepen and expand your understanding of the Systemic Collaboration methodology in fine detail and then represent it as a comprehensive methodology for Deliberate Collaboration. 

Learn how to use the Systemic Collaboration methodology in complex situations, especially its impact on organisational effectiveness. Learn how to prevent project failure in the messy reality of organisational life and how to facilitate successful projects through conversation design and collaboration.

Learn how to embed collaboration systems practically in your organisation, team or project in order to implement change and success. 

What people are saying

HUGE fan of Dr Julian Day’s work and courses. I had the opportunity to study his approach whilst working with Old Mutual. At the time it was one of those fabulous moments of epiphany: a real game-changer, and it has since been an invaluable part of my toolset as a facilitator. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to get “unstuck”.
Liz Dewing
Magnetic North Facilitation, Managing Director
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