Collaboration methodologies and facilitation skills

Through our courses, you can learn how to radically transform and accelerate the intelligence, creativity and effectiveness of the problem-solving and decision-making conversations you have in your teams and organisation, whether on strategic or operational initiatives.

Foundational collaboration courses



Method & tools
The cornerstone methodology. The Systemic Stairway™ is a practical, reusable collaboration design that can be used by managers and leaders to boost collective intelligence and identify and agree on key priorities in team problem-solving and decision-making processes in a wide variety of strategic and operational situations. The Systemic Stairway™ has been taught to and is used and trusted by thousands. 


Systemic Collaboration

Theory & frameworks
Gain a deep understanding of the theory underlying collaboration and conversation design. Systemic Collaboration is a practical methodology that enables you to diagnose dysfunctional conversation networks and design productive conversations for intelligent collaboration.

Why our courses

Grow your collaboration skills and unlock your full potential

Unique IP & Trusted knowledge

Trademarked methodologies, frameworks and designs based on solid theory and PhD research. 

Proven results and success in real situations

Used in practice with top organisations and fast-growing start-ups to high impact and success for 20+ years.

Practical methodologies, tools and techniques

Simple yet powerful methodologies, tools and techniques to design and manage collaboration in any situation.

Now Available!

Online Courses

All our courses are now available online. Learn at your own pace and with greater content depth. 

Training Badges and Certificates

You can now earn training badges and certificates to add to your LinkedIn profile through our courses. 

Platforms and Pricing

We provide numerous opportunities to learn our courses, catering for any training requirements and specifications you may have. We provide training for small teams, growing start-ups, large organisations, individuals and as part of in-house learning & development programmes. 

In person

Offered in 1-day blocks.  
R 25000
up to 20 people
  • Discounts for large groups-teams


Offered via popular virtual platforms.
R 25000
up to 20 people
  • More training flexibility
  • Cost saving and logistics ease
  • Discounts for large groups-teams

Online courses

Learn at your own pace. 
R 5000
per person (R25000 6-10 people)
  • Discounts for large groups-teams
  • Greater content depth
  • Self paced learning & exercises

Advanced course & certification

Become a Certified Systemic Stairway™ Facilitator; develop and master the skills to facilitate collaboration in any situation no matter how complex.  



Execute & implement
Deepen and enrich practical facilitation skills necessary for implementing and executing productive collaboration across a wide range of complex team, project and organisational challenges. This course is only available through our Facilitator Certification Programme.

Collaboration training in progress

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