Course Introduction: Facilitator Certification

Welcome to Phase 1 of the Systemic Stairway™ Facilitator Certification Programme. Phase 1 requires you to complete the course lessons, quizzes and exercises successfully. On successful completition you will qualify for the I Am Systemic Stairway™ Trained badge and certificate and will be able to begin Phase 2 of the Facilitator Certification Programme. Navigate to the course sidebar on the left of the screen to access each lesson and the associated exercise and quiz.


  • There are 10 lessons in this course, each lesson is covered in a video.
  • You can watch these videos if you require a refreshment to complete the quiz successfully.


  • There are 10 quizzes, one for each lesson.
  • Each quiz is a true or false.
  • You are required to achieve greater than 62,5% to be able to move on to the next lesson.


  • There are 10 compulsory exercises, one for each lesson, which all contribute to your Personal Performance Element 1 submission for Phase 1.
  • Please see the lessons materials tab to download the exercise instructions and template file.
  • Video instructions for each exercise are available with each lesson.

Download the exercise file: