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Develop Deliberate Collaboration skills and do extraordinary things with the people you work with.


Systemic Stairway: Manage Collaboration

In this course, you will learn the Systemic Stairway™ methodology, tools and techniques for managing collaborations that boost the collective intelligence of any team or group and enable them to rapidly identify and agree on key priorities in their problem-solving, decision-making and execution processes in a wide variety of strategic and operational situations.


Systemic Stairway Facilitator Certification: Facilitate Collaboration

Delegates will learn how to use the Systemic Stairway™ successfully in a wide variety of complex situations ranging from small to large groups, small to large enterprises, virtual to in-person facilitation. They will know how to overcome commissioning traps that derail organisational projects, and how to overcome logistical challenges re stakeholder management. Delegates will understand details that need attention in order for facilitation sessions to run smoothly and create an excellent stakeholder experience.


Systemic Collaboration: Design Collaboration

In this course, you will gain a deep understanding of the theory underlying collaboration and conversation design. You will be equipped with the Systemic Collaboration methodology and framework for designing the conversations necessary to facilitate intelligent collaboration in any team or group situation.

Julian Day


I am Julian Day

With 25 years experience as a facilitator and independent consultant specializing in complex organizational projects, problem-solving, and project management, I help teams and organisations unlock their full potential and achieve success and results. In the increasing complexity and uncertainty of organisational situations and projects, it is my mission to provide individuals and teams with practical collaboration methodologies, tools and techniques to master the critical decisions and strategies that will drive their performance and success.

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Grow your collaboration skills and unlock your full potential

Unique IP & Trusted knowledge

Trademarked methodologies, frameworks and designs based on solid theory and PhD research. 

Proven results and success in real situations

Used in practice with top organisations and fast-growing start-ups to high impact and success for 20+ years.

Practical methodologies, tools and techniques

Simple yet powerful methodologies, tools and techniques to design and manage collaboration in any situation.

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