Designing Collaboration


With this Designing Collaboration course, you will gain a deep understanding of the theory underlying collaboration and conversation design. You will be equipped with the Systemic Collaboration methodology and framework for designing the conversations necessary to facilitate collaboration in any team or group situation.


In this online course you will develop practical management skills enabling you to facilitate collaborative team problem solving, high impact strategy development, project execution, and decision-making that people are committed to implement.

<strong>During our online course you will learn:</strong>

✓ how to use our robust, 7-step collaboration management methodology in practice
✓ a reliable system thinking approach for facilitating collaborative team problem solving
✓ a conversation design to ensure team collaboration for reaching agreement on strategic priorities
✓ a fair and equal method for ensuring full team inclusion and collaboration in the process of team problem-solving and decision-making
✓ 3 frameworks for provoking creative decision making
✓ a structured framework for creating executable decisions
✓ an alternative project management framework for securing commitments necessary for implementation

<strong>Course Curriculum</strong>
<li>Lesson 1: The Fundamentals of Management</li>
<li>Lesson 2: High Leverage Decisions</li>
</li>Lesson 3: Facilitating Productive Collaboration</li>
<li>Lesson 4: Systemic Sense-making</li>
</li>Lesson 5: Commitment Management</li>
<li>Lesson 6: Facilitating Group Collaboration</li>
</li>Lesson 7: Provoking Mind-shifts &amp; Creative Thinking</li>
<li>Lesson 8: Overcoming the Execution Problem</li>
Lesson 9: Learning from Feedback &amp; Reflection</li>
<li>Lesson 10: A Facilitators Powerful Questions and Collaboration Model</li>


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