The Systemic Stairway™ – practical management for anybody who needs to manage anything

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This book helps to fill a gap in management development. It provides a practical methodology that enables anybody to manage anything. It offers universal principles and reliable tools and techniques that can be applied to any complex situation that needs to be managed.

The Systemic Stairway™ provides real-life case studies that may resonate with your own private and work life. And because most complex situations inevitably involve collaborating with other people, you will understand the role of facilitation and how to help other people to help themselves.




DR JULIAN DAY worked for 20 years in the IT industry as a software developer, systems analyst and project manager. He became concerned by the IT industry’s struggle to implement IT systems with routine success and he started to experiment with new ways to address the problem. In 2000, his research culminated in a PhD titled ‘The Design of Collaborative Projects’. Julian developed a practical methodology for enabling diverse people to collaborate intelligently in all types of complex situations. One of the cornerstones of this methodology is the Systemic Stairway®, which enables people to find the deep simplicity in complex situations so that these can quickly become manageable. Julian has shared his methodology with thousands of people and as a facilitator helped a wide variety of organisations to manage their complex situations and implement their projects successfully. The Systemic Stairway® is the textbook for the trainer certification.

1 review for The Systemic Stairway™ – practical management for anybody who needs to manage anything

  1. Jokkie Gauché

    I have been buying books for 50+ years, helping people for about 25 years and coaching since 2008 and apart from the Bible this is my favourite book. The Author has captured his process in a way that is understandable, applicable and useable to manage anything – a skill that has been overlooked because it has been assumed that people have it. I truly believe that it will be life changing for anyone who takes it seriously and an increasingly important skillset for the future. The ease with which the connection between emotion and values produces mindset changes has surprised me. I can see that it is becoming an integral part of how I work going forward. I highly recommend it.

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