Based on the research of Julian Day, PhD.  

Designed to help leaders manage more effective problem-solving, decision-making and implementation through collaboration.  

With the Systemic Stairway™ methodology you can collaboratively answer any question you have with greater speed no matter how complex. Boost collective intelligence, identify and reach agreement on key priorities and secure belief for execution. 

Julian Day’s cornerstone methodology, the Systemic Stairway™ has been taught to and is used and trusted by thousands to drive team performance and organisational effectiveness. 

The Systemic Stairway™ Hub

All the information and resources you need to learn about the Systemic Stairway, train your leaders and managers, and bring it into your team and organisation. 

Learn about the Systemic Stairway™, where it comes from, the core principles underlying the methodology, why it works, and how and where it can be used to add value, boost team performance and organisational effectiveness.

The quickest and easiest way to learn the Systemic Stairway™ methodology. A self-paced 8-12 hour course, 10 video lessons, quizzes and optional exercises to deepen practical learning. Earn a badge and certificate on successful completion. 

Purchase Julian Day’s book: The Systemic Stairway™: Practical management for anybody who needs to manage anything. 

We now offer a training badge and certificate for successfully completing a Systemic Stairway training or course. Display your new skillset by adding a badge on your LinkedIn profile, share it on Twitter, an email signature or website. Redeem your badge here if you have completed a training.  

You can now become a Certified Systemic Stairway™ Facilitator (CSSF). The focus of our Facilitator Certification programme is to develop professional facilitators that can create real change and success in complex team or organisational projects and or initiatives. 

The demand for talented leaders, team leads, and project managers is at a critically high level. More than ever, leadership and management teams make the difference in realising team performance, successful projects, programmes and initiatives, and business benefits.

If you need to ensure your staff have the experience required to lead and manage their teams and projects using collaboration and systems thinking approaches, look no further than our in-house Systemic Stairway™ training. We have vast experience delivering in-house training and action learning programmes of all shapes and sizes.

With in-person, virtual, online course (e-learning) and blended training and programme options, we can develop and deliver a training programme perfect for you.